About Us

We strive to provide aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, biodegradable and useful items for the home that are made locally, largely out of locally grown and harvested woods, salvaged from trees that have died or been cut down for thinning or clearing purposes by local ranchers. The principle local woods are Rocky Mountain Juniper, Aspen, Ponderosa Pine (wood and needles) and Box Elder. The lampshades and marquetry boxes however make use of other domestic hardwood veneers like Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Madrone.

Dona and Gary Aitken live in Ovando, a small town in Western Montana. She is a retired physiologist. He is a computer scientist. Both enjoy working with wood. Although Dona wields a chainsaw when necessary, Gary helps with the major gathering of wood, as well as engineering `jigs' and lampshade frameworks, milling local wood into boards for things like toy boxes and keeps all equipment running properly. Dona does the woodturning, pyrography and marquetry.