A Sampling of Lamps and Shades

by Dona Aitken

                    Lampshade_0005 lighted

These lamps are turned from Juniper or Aspen. The shades are made of a hexagonal wooden framework, usually walnut, with panels that are made of either a plain maple or bird's eye maple veneer glued to a thick and rigid but translucent velum backing. The panels may be plain or contain a marquetry design such as an aspen branch or lupine pattern shown here. The lamps have simple on-off switches and low heat, energy efficient fluorescent bulbs are recommended. The cord is 8' (minus the height of the lamp). Lamps and shades may be purchased together or separately. Lamps are generally 17-21" tall and shades are 13" tall.

Japanese lantern style lamps are a single unit. The frame / structure is made from walnut; panels may be plain or contain a marquetry design. Lamps are about 26" tall.